Complete tests on children with covacin

Report to the Director General of Medicine next week

The second and third phase tests of Bharat Biotech’s Kovacin vaccine have been completed. The tests, which were conducted on children under the age of 18, will be submitted to India’s super drug controller next week, said Bharat Biotech International Ltd. Chairman and Managing Director of the company Krishna Illa said. He said production of covacin vaccine would reach 5.5 crore units by October, up from 3.5 crore units in September. Trials of the nasal covid vaccine are expected to be completed next month. The second and third phase trials of the covacin vaccine for children have been completed and the information will now be analyzed and collected and submitted to the Drug Controller next week. The number of children tested is around one thousand. The next step is to test for the nasal spray vaccine, which will help fight the coronavirus in the nose with the help of the immune system. It will protect against the spread of corona.

Bharat Biotech has entered into agreements with Indian Immunologicals and Hester Biosciences for the production of Kovacin vaccine. This month 3.5 crore vaccines were produced, next month 5.5 crore vaccines will be produced. The project in Bangalore is rapidly producing vaccines.

Nasal vaccine

Managing Director Illa said tests for the nasal decongestant covacin vaccine had been started and three groups had been set up. However, the tests were of a mixed nature, with one group receiving the first dose of covacin vaccine and the second dose of nasal spray vaccine. The second group was tested for nasal spray vaccine. Both times the vaccine was given orally. The interval between the two vaccines was 28 days. A total of 650 people participated in it.

If other manufacturers carry out safety and other factors properly, it is possible to produce 100 million vaccines per month.


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