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The Agneepath scheme is being opposed across the country. Young people across the country have taken to the streets in protest of the plan, with violence reported in several cities. Meanwhile, a satyagraha is being organized on Jantar Mantar in Delhi today on behalf of the Congress against this plan. Congress MPs, members of their executive and office bearers of the All India Congress Committee have participated in this ‘Satyagraha’.

Congress leaders across the country ordered to come to Delhi

The Congress party says the decision was taken because the ‘Agneepath’ scheme has angered the youth of our country and they are protesting in the streets. It is our responsibility to stand behind them. Congress leaders across the country have been ordered to come to Delhi to participate in a satyagraha against the Agneepath project.

To celebrate a birthday Rahul GandhiRejection of
Meanwhile, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has appealed to party workers and well-wishers not to celebrate his birthday in any way. Congress general secretary Jamram Ramesh, in an appeal issued on behalf of Congress workers and well-wishers on behalf of MP Rahul Gandhi, said, “Rahul Gandhi has appealed to Congress workers and their well-wishers across the country. Don’t celebrate my birthday. We are all concerned about the situation that has arisen across the country. Millions of young people are sad. Let’s share the grief of these young people, their families, and stand behind them. Such an appeal has been made by Rahul Gandhi.

Modi will have to withdraw the ‘Agneepath’ scheme
Earlier on Saturday, Rahul Gandhi had tweeted that for eight years in a row, the BJP government had insulted the values ​​of ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’. I have said before that the Prime Minister will have to repeal the Black Agriculture Act. In the same way, Modi will have to become an ‘apologetic’ and obey the youth of the country and withdraw the ‘Agneepath’ scheme. That is what Rahul had said.

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