Congress selects Channy for Dalit votes: BJP’s criticism

The BJP on Monday accused the Congress of making Charanjit Singh Channy the Chief Minister of Punjab as part of its conspiracy to grab Dalit votes. The party also cited historical examples of giving important posts to a leader of this community for a very short period of time.

If the Congress is sincere about the welfare of the Dalits, then the BJP should give a public assurance that Channy will be its chief ministerial candidate in the Assembly elections to be held early next year. Congress general secretary Dushyant Kumar Gautam, who is in charge of the party’s Punjab, criticized Harish Rawat’s statement that the party would contest the forthcoming assembly elections under the leadership of state president Navjyot Singh Sidhu. A conspiracy is being hatched in Punjab to win the votes of Dalits, ‘said Gautam.

He cited the example of Maharashtra and Rajasthan, saying that the Congress had appointed Dalit leaders from various states as chief ministers but removed them in a short period of time. Congress He claimed that Babasaheb Ambedkar was never awarded the Bharat Ratna, a monument was erected in his name or anything was done to preserve his memory.

Congress ‘election stunt’ – Mayawati

Lucknow: BSP president Mayawati on Monday said that the election of Charanjit Singh Channy as the first Dalit Chief Minister of Punjab was an “election stunt” of the Congress and advised Dalits to beware of it.

“I came to know through the media today that the Punjab Assembly elections will be fought under the leadership of a non-Dalit person and not Channi,” Mayawati told reporters. Be it Punjab, Uttar Pradesh or any other state; “What the ‘racist parties’ are giving to Dalits and OBCs is not for the upliftment of Dalits but for their votes, as well as for their own selfish ends,” Mayawati said.

His party has formed an alliance with the Shiromani Akali Dal in the forthcoming Punjab Assembly elections.


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