Congress’ Shashi Tharoor and Shiv Sena’s Priyanka Chaturvedi will host the show on Parliament TV

What are the politicians of two different parties talking about when they come together? Everyone has such curiosity. Because we always hear criticism and accusations against each other. Over the next few days you will see two leaders hosting the show. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor and Shiv Sena’s Priyanka Chaturvedi will be hosting a chat show on the newly launched Parliament TV. Tharoor has been asked to host a series of eminent personalities ‘interviews to the point’, while Chaturvedi will be interviewing women MPs on the show ‘Meri Kahani’. It is said that both these shows are not based on politics.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Wednesday inaugurated Parliament TV by merging Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV. The channel is preparing to air a series of shows hosted by current and former MPs. The program will be started by Tharoor and Chaturvedi. Also, former MP and senior Congress leader Karan Singh will host a series based on a religion called Ekam Sat (Truth is One).

Amitabh Kant, chief executive officer of the government’s public policy think-tank NITI Commission, will tell the story of India’s economic growth on the ‘Transforming India’ show, while Sanjeev Sanyal, chief economic adviser to the government, will host ‘Economic Formula’. The program will provide information on the government’s plans and economic policies, their basic philosophy and the projects undertaken in the last few years, according to a tweet from the official handle of Parliament TV.

According to officials, Parliament TV will have two platforms during the session. The Lok Sabha will be telecast live from one and the Rajya Sabha from the other. When there is no convention, one channel will be closed. So, news, panel discussions and other shows will be shown on the second channel. A senior official in the secretariat said Parliament TV would be available in both Hindi and English.

A senior official familiar with the new channel’s programming plans said, “More and more existing MPs will be invited to do the show. Also “there are some shows that are specifically designed to host MPs. So in some shows different parts will be done by different MPs. This is an attempt to involve as many MPs as possible. ”

The number of events will be increased in the coming period. MPs from the ruling and opposition parties will also be invited to host the show. There will be no discrimination. If a regular MP is not available for a show in a week, another MP will be called in to replace him, an official said.

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