Congress state president calls Shashi Tharoor a ‘donkey’; Tharoor said, “I’m sorry.”

An audio clip of Telangana Congress state president Revanth Reddy calling Congress MP Shashi Tharoor an ass has gone viral. Tharoor called on the state’s IT Minister K.T. Rama Rao was praised. Objecting to that, Reddy said that both of them have good English, which does not mean that they are smart. Reddy had also said that his English was good only for communication. The important thing is that the K.T. Tharoor praised Rama Rao. He is the son of Chandrasekhar Rao.

He has apologized to Tharoor after Reddy’s clip went viral. “I called Shashi Tharoor and withdrew my statement about him. I consider my senior colleagues to be supreme. If you have been hurt by my words, I regret it. We believe in the values ​​and policies of the Congress party, ”Reddy tweeted.

Meanwhile, Shashi Tharoor has also reacted after Reddy apologized. “Revanth Reddy has called and apologized for his statement. He apologized. Therefore, this subject should be left behind. We must work together to strengthen the party in Telangana and across the country. ”

After Revanth Reddy’s remarks, KT Rama Rao had also criticized Revanth Reddy.

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