“Conspiracy to defame the government,” Nawab Malik’s serious allegations against Fadnavis; Everyone answered


Nawab Malik, chief national spokesperson of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and a minority minister, alleged that Mavia ministers were being targeted after BJP leader and opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis held a meeting with IPS officials in Delhi. Nawab Malik has clarified that there is evidence that Devendra Fadnavis and BJP leaders had meetings with IPS in Delhi and some officials in Mumbai.

Mavia ministers in Maharashtra are being targeted through ED and CBI. The central government is abusing these agencies. After the meeting of BJP leaders, a story has been made against the ministers, said Nawab Malik.

As there is no BJP government in West Bengal and Maharashtra, Maharashtra is being discredited through ED and CBI. The Supreme Court has also questioned the functioning of the ED and the CBI. Nawab Malik has also warned that the people are watching this politics of BJP and in the coming time the people will give the answer.

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Meanwhile, opposition leader Pravin Darekar has responded to Nawab Malik’s allegation. “I have no faith in you as a government. Do you think we have no control? State officials have consistently supported whoever the government is for the development of the state. And has played a positive role. But if your intentions are not in the public interest and there are some decisions of personal interest, then the authorities do not help. Also, if something goes wrong, the information will go to Devendra Fadnavis as the Leader of the Opposition. But there is no reason to decide and inform Devendra Fadnavis. ” That is what Derekar said.

“No BJP leader has made any statement about overthrowing the government. There is such good coordination between these three parties. We don’t know when they will kill each other. There is discord in the government, there is dissatisfaction. Therefore, our government will fall on them, ”said Pravin Darekar.

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