Coronary infections of gorillas at the Atlanta Zoo in the United States; The test was performed after coronary symptoms

According to the Atlanta Zoo, shocking reports have emerged that many of the gorillas in the West Lowlands have tested positive for corona. Many gorillas had symptoms of mild cough, runny nose and loss of appetite, according to zoo staff. After testing the gorilla’s corona, she came back positive.

According to The Hindu, staff at the Atlanta Zoo took some samples of the animals and sent them to the diagnostic laboratory at the University of Georgia. Subsequent trials have revealed that these animals have been infected with corona. The Atlanta Zoo has issued a statement in this regard.

The zoo said it is awaiting test results from the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Iowa. Because these samples were also sent to them. The statement did not say how many gorillas were infected, but the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said 13 gorillas tested positive.

A statement from the zoo said his team was collecting samples for testing the entire zoo’s gorillas. The zoo has 20 gorillas living in four groups. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that four of the four gorillas tested positive.

A newspaper report said the gonorrhoea infection with the corona virus was caused by a staff member caring for them. The employee had no symptoms but his corona test was positive.

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