Corporation ready to bid farewell to Ganarayya

Various facilities including Nirmalya Kalash, lighting, lifeguard, control room at the immersion site

Mumbai: Municipal Corporation has made proper preparations for the immersion of Ganesha on the occasion of Anant Chaturdashi. As a large number of domestic and public Ganesha idols will be immersed on Sunday, the system of the municipality is ready. Artificial ponds have been set up at 173 places this year as well to avoid crowding in the background of Corona. Sculpture collection centers and mobile immersion sites will be functioning at various places as required. Also 25,000 workers, employees, officers will be present at various places all over Mumbai.

Like last year, this year’s Ganeshotsav was also affected by Karona. Against this background, the municipality has made special preparations. To avoid congestion during immersion, the municipality has constructed artificial lakes at 173 places this year as well. Harshad Kale, Deputy Commissioner and Ganeshotsav Coordinator informed that there are 73 places of natural immersion and necessary arrangements have been made by the Municipal Corporation.

715 lifeguards have been deployed at various natural and artificial immersion sites including Chowpatty. In addition, 587 steel plates have been set up at the natural immersion site to temporarily prevent vehicles coming for immersion of Lord Ganesha from getting stuck in the coarse sand on the beach. Besides, 338 Nirmalya Kalash, 182 Nirmalya vehicles, 185 control rooms, 144 first aid centers, 39 ambulances etc. have been arranged. Apart from this, 145 reception rooms, 84 temporary toilets, 3,707 flood lights, 116 search lights, 48 ‚Äč‚Äčobservation towers and 36 motor boats and 30 German rafts at natural immersion sites have also been provided. Also, electrical arrangements have been made at various places along with the arrangement of protective walls.

Immersion of Ganapati for seven days

The immersion of the seven-day Ganesh idol took place on Thursday, September 16. A total of more than 15,000 Ganapatis were immersed till Friday morning. There were 1356 public idols, 13,726 domestic idols and 213 Gauri idols. Out of which 671 public idols, 6092 domestic idols and 55 Gauri idols were immersed in artificial lakes.

Notice to devotees

  • Public Ganeshotsav Mandals should take care that less Nirmalya is created by using garlands / flowers sparingly.
  • If the household Ganesha idol is shady or environmentally friendly, it should be immersed in a bucket or drum at home.
  • If immersion of Ganesha idol is not possible at home, immersion should be done at a nearby artificial immersion site.
  • Public Ganeshotsav Mandals should also give priority to immersion of idols in the nearest artificial immersion site.
  • There should be no procession at the time of immersion, there should be a maximum of 5 persons for immersion. These individuals may have received two doses of the vaccine and 15 days after the second dose.
  • While immersing the household Ganesha idols, all the household Ganesha idols in the entire chali / building should not be taken together for immersion.
  • In the traditional method of immersion, the aarti performed at the place of immersion should be done at home and the time of immersion should be stopped at least.
  • Preferably children and senior citizens should not go to the immersion site for safety reasons.
  • Public Ganeshotsav Mandals should not take the vehicle carrying the idol from the mandapa to the immersion site at a very slow pace like a procession, but should take the vehicle to the immersion site at a normal speed so as not to injure the Ganesha idol in the vehicle. It is strictly forbidden to stop the vehicle during immersion and allow devotees to take darshan / worship of Ganesha idol on the roads.
  • The idols of public Ganeshotsav mandals in restricted areas should be immersed in the mandapa or the immersion should be postponed, while arrangements should be made at home for the immersion of Ganesha idols in restricted buildings.

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