“Corruption will not work”, the government will investigate the Amazon bribery case

Allegations of bribery of government officials by Amazon’s legal representatives in India will be investigated. The government made this clear on Tuesday (September 21), emphasizing the policy of ‘zero tolerance against corruption’. Amazon, an American e-commerce company, is reportedly investigating allegations of bribery. This was reported by an American website. Officials have said that since the Indian government is involved in the case, the government’s policy on corruption is zero tolerance. This means that the government will not tolerate corruption at all.

Officials said the report did not say when or in which state the bribery took place. Government officials said, “Amazon is spending Rs 8,500 crore as legal fees. What exactly is the purpose behind this? Which way is this case going? It’s time to dump her and move on. The whole system is corrupt and it is clear that this is not a good business practice. ” Authorities have demanded that Amazon be punished for violating the law.

Thorough inquiry and appropriate action

According to a report in The Morning Context, Amazon has launched an investigation against some of its own legal representatives for allegedly bribing Indian government officials. According to reports, he has also sent his senior corporate lawyers on leave in this regard. A spokesman for Amazon said: “We do not tolerate corruption at all. We take the wrongdoing seriously and investigate it thoroughly and take appropriate action. However, at present we do not comment on specific allegations or the status of any investigation. ”

We take ‘these’ complaints seriously!

A source close to the incident said that US companies like Amazon take such complaints seriously. Complaints related to bribery of foreign government officials are taken more seriously, especially for the purpose of maintaining business or maximizing profits. The main purpose of this is to follow the rules of corporate governance.

Amazon is facing an inquiry by the Competition Commission of India (CCI), an impartial trade regulator, into anti-competitive practices, preferential treatment of sellers, etc. In addition, Amazon has a legal dispute with Future Group. This is exactly the type that has come to the fore. Amazon has acquired Future Group and Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd. The proposed agreement between the two companies worth Rs 24,713 crore has been challenged in court.


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