Court refuses to postpone women’s NDA entry

The Supreme Court has clarified that the entry of women in the NDM cannot be postponed. The Supreme Court has rejected the government’s suggestion that women be allowed to sit for the NDA exams from 2022, and has opposed postponing women’s admission to the NDA for another year.

“We have issued a notification that women will be allowed to appear for the NDA exams from May next year,” the Center told the apex court.

Take it on. S.K. Kaul said women’s NDA entry should be done without delay. The government should make appropriate arrangements for this. The Defense Department and the Central Public Service Commission (UPSC) should work together to expedite the entry of women into the NDA, without delay. Senior counsel Chinmay Pradeep Sharma argued on Kush Kalra’s plea.

Additional Solicitor General Aishwarya Bhati said that a study group has been appointed for women’s NDA admission and from May 2022, women will be able to appear for the NDA exam. Women will not be able to participate in the NDA entrance test on November 14.

Court statement

“We can understand the problems of the central government but you people can also solve them,” the court said. We cannot accept the argument of delaying NDA exams for women. Our military forces have often gone through difficult times. They know how to make a way out in an emergency. Therefore, the order we passed earlier is upheld. B. R. The bench comprising Gawai said.


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