Covid Death Certificate: An important step by the Center after the Supreme Court hearing; Revised rules issued!

Corona has been in the country for the last two years. Thousands of families have lost their loved ones in the crisis. However, there was confusion about the mention of death by Corona on the subsequent death certificate. Therefore, there were difficulties in issuing these certificates to the relatives of the deceased in government offices or for other reasons. In this regard, the country’s Supreme Court had on June 30 directed the central government to make the rules more flexible and simple. However, as no action was taken by the Center even after that, the court finally asked the government to respond in the hearing held on September 3. After that, the central government has finally issued revised rules to make the rules more flexible.

A petition seeking financial compensation was filed in the Supreme Court following the death caused by Corona. Following the hearing of the petition by the court to the Central Government, the Central Government and the ICMR have now jointly issued revised rules on the certificate of granting death to corona.

What are the rules for Kovid death certificate?

> According to the information provided by the center, patients found to be infected with RTPCR, molecular tests, rapid antigen tests or tests performed by a hospital or health facility will be considered as coronary.

> According to ICMR study findings, a person can die from the infection up to 25 days after coronary heart disease. However, the Center has declared that if a person dies within 30 days after being infected with corona, it is considered corona death.

> Even if the patient dies within 30 days after corona infection in the hospital or outside the hospital, it will be considered as covid death.

> The corresponding death will also be considered covid death from the medical certificate of corona death given to them after treatment at the hospital after coronary infection or after death at home.

> Deaths due to poisoning, suicide, accidents will not be considered as cowardly deaths. Even if such deaths have coronary heart disease, they will not be considered cowardly deaths.

After the death of a person due to corona, it is necessary to provide government documents to his relatives as evidence. This would make it easier for the relatives of the deceased to work on various documents in the municipality or other local offices of the concerned department, the court had said in its order regarding the rules. Accordingly, new regulations have been issued.

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