Crime against Morcha organizers in Kalyan for revealing name of deceased girl Crime against Morcha organizers revealing name deceased girl ysh 95

Kalyan: Officials of some social organizations in the eastern part of Kalyan had come together and marched on the Kolsevadi police station to demand justice for the family of a deceased girl in Kalyan. The name of the deceased girl was revealed by the organizers on the billboard of this march. As this would hamper the investigation and evidence, the police revealed the name of the deceased girl and filed a case against the organizers of the protest.

A minor girl living in Kalyan East has been sexually abused by seven persons for the last one and a half years. Fed up with repeated atrocities, the young woman committed suicide. Coal miners have arrested a friend of hers along with seven youths after the incident. They are in police custody.

Residents marched from Chakkinaka to Kolsevadi police station in the eastern part of Kalyan to demand justice for her family members, including the girl who committed suicide. Gavdevi Pratishthan, V. J. Residents gathered in front of the police station carrying placards of organizations like Family, Gavdevi Mahila Bachat Group, Tisai Driver-Owners Association, Baba Bodke Vidyalaya, Siddharth Vidyamandir, Samyak Vidyalaya, New Sahakar Mitra Mandal, Anantsheth Gawli Rickshaw Stand. Police have registered a case against the organizers of the protest under the POSCA Act for revealing the name of a deceased girl on a billboard.

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