Criticism of Pakistan for raising the issue of human rights in Kashmir

India has criticized the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as well as Pakistan for raising the issue of human rights in Kashmir with the United Nations Human Rights Commission. India has said that the OIC is being held hostage by Pakistan out of helplessness and is being pressured to raise the issue of Kashmir.

At the 48th session of the UN Human Rights Council, India stated that Pakistan supports terrorism, finance and arms. There are some people in Pakistan who have been declared terrorists by the United Nations. Pawan Badhe replied to Pakistan and OIC on behalf of India. He is the first Secretary of India at the Indian Embassy in Geneva. “The issues raised by Pakistan and the OIC on the Kashmir issue are baseless and we do not want to learn anything from those who have failed to curb terrorism,” he said.

Pakistan is a hotbed of terrorism and has committed the most human rights abuses. Pakistan has from time to time used various forums to present the Kashmir issue. Through that, he tried to spread propaganda against India. Pakistan raised the issue of human rights in Kashmir to divert attention from serious human rights violations in Pakistan. “Pakistan has always harbored terrorists and a big democracy like India does not need to learn anything from Pakistan,” Badhe said.

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