Criticism of Rahul Gandhi for declining vaccination after a record of Rs 2.5 crore; Said, “Event over”

On the 71st birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a new record of daily vaccination was set on Friday. More than two crore vaccines were administered across the country. Two crore 37 lakh 73 thousand people were vaccinated in the country till 11 pm on Friday. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has criticized the reduction in vaccination within two days of the vaccination record. He has criticized the Modi government saying “the event is over”.

Criticizing the end of the event, Rahul Gandhi shared a graph of vaccinations. This includes the last 10 days of vaccination statistics, according to the CoWin website. The average graph from 9th to 16th September has gone up well after the record vaccination on 17th. Then on the 18th it fell down again. Rahul Gandhi has said that the event held for the Prime Minister’s birthday is over now.

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi had said that after the record vaccination on Friday, his country needs the same pace of vaccination.

Modi’s criticism of fever after seeing vaccination record ..

“On my 71st birthday, 2.5 crore people in the country were vaccinated against corona vaccine in a single day. This is an emotional moment and it will always be remembered,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said on Saturday. Without naming any party, Modi said that a political party got feverish after hearing that a record of 2.5 crore vaccines was given on his birthday. People think of the fever that comes after vaccination, but here the record of giving 2.5 crore vaccines to a political party has caused fever, Modi had said. This kind of success requires skilled manpower, willpower that the people of India have. Birthdays come and go, but yesterday’s birthday will always be remembered because 2.5 crore vaccines have been given on that day. It was an unforgettable occasion for us, “he said.

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