On the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi, Karona rules in the markets; Don’t worry about the cover

Mumbai: Despite concerns over the rising number of coroners in Mumbai, the major markets in Mumbai were crowded on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi on Thursday. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. This place was found to be in flagrant violation of the Corona Rules. In many places, customers and shopkeepers did not wear masks.

The market, which has been drenched with customers for the past few days, was overwhelmed a day before Ganeshotsav. Citizens have been flocking to the markets in Dadar, Lalbagh and Fort area since morning. The crowd grew louder in the afternoon. Citizens had come for shopping in personal vehicles as local travel was banned. As a result, there was a huge traffic jam in Dadar around 4 pm. The same was true of the local markets in Mumbai, including Lalbagh.

The sellers had set up shop on the road as they were earning only one day. Ganpati’s shells, necklaces, ornaments, home decoration items, rangolis, ornamental flowers, dried prasad, worship materials, flowers and fruits filled the streets. The festive atmosphere in the market is due to the customers walking with the seller, the eagerness of Ganesha to come, the satisfaction on the face of the seller as they are selling like-minded.

Got to see the most crowds for flower purchases than any other purchase. The retail flower market outside Dadar station was so crowded that there was no space for citizens to walk. None of the vendors had masks on their noses. The inter-rules were also not followed.

Police action

As the crowd in Dadar grew, the police finally had to take action and bring the situation under control. Carts, flower vendors outside shops were removed. Police also gave an understanding to the vendors sitting on the street to solve the traffic congestion. ‘Roads are narrow, peddlers are more and more people from all over Mumbai gather for shopping, causing traffic congestion. But as soon as we saw the crowd in the afternoon, we started the action, ‘said Satish Kasbe, senior police inspector of Dadar police station.

Disruption of inflation

Inflation, among other things, has pushed the common man, who has been plagued by fuel price hikes, to the brink of bankruptcy. The price of coconut, which is important in Ganeshotsav, has gone up from Rs 8 to Rs 15. Coconuts, which used to cost Rs 25-30 a week ago, are now being sold at Rs 35-45. The prices of vidya leaves, banana leaves, betel nuts and other items in the puja literature have also gone up. The prices of ready-made garlands and loose flowers required for the puja were higher on Thursday than last week. Most of the materials required for Ganeshotsav decoration are more expensive than last year. According to a vendor, the prices of decorative plastic, fiberglass, garlands and garlands have gone up by 20 to 25 per cent.

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