Cruelty हत्या Murder of a Husband; Use of chemicals used for disposal

A woman in Bihar has killed her husband with the help of her boyfriend. Not only that, they also tried to destroy all the evidence of the crime by dismembering the body and throwing chemicals on it. However, after a chemical explosion, the police came to know about the crime. The incident took place in the Sikandarpur Nagar police station area of ​​Muzaffarpur. Rakesh’s wife Radha, 30, her boyfriend Subhash, Radha’s sister Krishna and her husband were killed.

Subhash later dismembered the body to destroy all evidence of the crime. Subsequently, Subhash and Radha used chemicals to destroy the body in a rented flat. However, after the explosion caused by the use of chemicals, the local residents informed the police about it. When police arrived at the scene, they found pieces of a body scattered in the flat. Police then sent the body for an autopsy and a forensic team began investigating the matter.

On the police radar for illegal liquor business

During the investigation, it was identified that the body belonged to Rakesh, a resident of Sikandarpur. The deceased Rakesh was involved in illicit liquor business even after the liquor ban in Bihar. He was on the radar of Bihar police. Therefore, Rakesh often lived in secret in different places. Subhash, Rakesh’s partner during this period, used to take care of his wife. After a while, they both fell in love with each other.

Next Radha and Subhash decide to get Rakesh out of their way. Radha’s sister and her sister’s husband were also involved in the conspiracy. Radha called Rakesh home on the occasion of Teej. After that, she killed him with the help of her boyfriend Subhash.

Immoral relations

After Rakesh’s murder, his brother Dinesh Sahni lodged an FIR against Radha, her boyfriend Subhash, sister Krishna and Krishna’s husband. Dinesh Sahni has claimed that his elder brother’s wife had an affair with his colleague Subhash. At the same time, everyone knew about their relationship. According to Dinesh, Rakesh had returned home a few days back and was living in a rented house.

Dinesh Sahni further said that he reached the spot on Saturday after realizing that there was a sudden explosion in the house. Then he learned that his brother had been murdered and that his body had been dismembered.

Filed a crime

Harendra Tiwari, in-charge of Sikandarpur police station, while giving information about the shocking murder case, said that a case of murder has been registered against the deceased’s wife, his daughter-in-law, sister-in-law’s husband and the woman’s boyfriend Subhash.


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