Cruelty of Taliban! Former vice president’s brother beaten naked; Then cut the throat pills

The brother of former Afghan vice president and self-proclaimed president Amarullah Saleh has been killed by the Taliban. The Taliban have taken control of the whole of Afghanistan, but the conflict is still raging in Panjshir. Amarullah Saleh’s brother Rohullah Saleh was killed during the same clash. The Taliban reportedly beat Rohullah Saleh naked and then cut his throat and tortured him.

Inviting six countries, including China and Turkey, to the Taliban government formation program; भारता to India!

Rohullah Saleh was captured by the Taliban on his way to Kabul. They then killed him. Abdullah, the nephew of Rohullah Saleh, said the Taliban had repeatedly said the bodies should be decomposed. “They killed on Thursday and are not even giving us bodies to bury. They are repeatedly saying that the bodies should be decomposed, “Abdullah was quoted as saying by Reuters.

A major decision by the Taliban to form a government; Withdrawal information after pressure

The Taliban have claimed full control of Panjshir. However, the National Resistance Front has rejected the claim. According to some reports, Ahmed Masood and Amarullah Saleh, who led the resistance group in Panjshir, fled the country to Tajikistan after the Taliban took control of Panjshir. However, the Afghan government’s ambassador to Tajikistan has denied the allegations.

Masoud, Amarullah fled to Tajikistan; The Taliban claim

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan last month and claimed control of the Panjshir Valley. However, the resistance group has rejected the claim.

Serious consequences if Afghanistan is left alone – Qureshi

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that any attempt to leave Afghanistan alone in the current situation would have serious consequences. He called on the international community to take a positive view of Pakistan, saying that if the world tried to isolate Afghanistan, it would have serious consequences for the Afghan people as well as the world.

Qureshi called on Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares in Islamabad on Friday to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. The two leaders held a press conference after discussions at the delegation level. Separating Afghanistan would have serious consequences for the Afghan people. The world will be in danger because of that situation. We must have a positive attitude towards Afghanistan. The international community must take note of the new reality in Afghanistan. Negotiations for peace with the Taliban are needed. Qureshi said it was a “humanitarian crisis” and that he was satisfied that a conference was being held in Geneva to raise funds for the country.

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