David gang operatives in contact with suspected terrorists?

Mumbai: Anthony alias Anas alias Anwar, a close associate of suspected terrorist Zakir Hussain Sheikh, has been arrested by the Anti-Terrorism Squad and is suspected to be Shakir Hussain Sheikh working for the Dawood gang. Security agencies have received information that Shakir is working for the Dawood gang from Pakistan.

The ATS had arrested Zakir Hussain Sheikh, 52, from Jogeshwari area on suspicion of having links with Pakistani leader Anthony alias Anas alias Anwar. The ATS arrested Rizwan Ibrahim Momin, 40, of Mumbra for disposing of his mobile phone. Authorities suspect that Anthony is Shakir Hussain Sheikh, who is planning to carry out assassinations in India from abroad. He is the brother of arrested accused Zakir. Shakir’s name came on the radar of security agencies in 2001 for plotting to assassinate bigwigs. He has been missing ever since.

Shakir, a confidant of David’s brother Anis Ibrahim, oversees his work in the Gulf. In Pakistan, he is known as Anwar. He had named Anthony in Zakir’s mobile to avoid any suspicion. It was found that Shakir was involved in three crimes between 2001 and 2015. It became active several years later, an official said.


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