Decline in the ‘R’ value of the corona in the country

New Delhi: The country’s ‘R’ (reproduction rate) has fallen below 1 for the first time in mid-September to 0.92. Researchers believe that the situation in mid-September is satisfactory and comforting.

The R value of Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore is more than 1 and the R value of Delhi and Pune is below 1. The number of people that a person can infect is estimated from the R value. As a state, Maharashtra and Kerala’s R value has gone below 1 and this is a great relief to the states which have been experiencing rapid increase in the number of corona patients for some time, as the number of patients undergoing treatment in these states has been higher till now. At the end of August, the R value was 1.17 and between September 4-7 it was 1.11. Since then, the value has remained below 1.

Sitabhra Sinha of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, said that for Kerala and Maharashtra, going below Rs 1 is good news. This is because the number of patients undergoing treatment in these states has been high so far. Sinha has led a scientific group that measures R values. According to him, Mumbai’s R value is still 1.09, which is more than one. Chennai 1.11, Kolkata 1.04, Bangalore 1.06.

Between March and May, thousands died of coronary heart disease. Between September 4 and 7, the R value was 0.94. It was 0.86 between September 11 and 15 and 0.92 between September 14-19. The health ministry said the cure rate was 97.75 per cent at present. The weekly positivity or infection rate was 2.08 percent. For the last 88 days, the rate was below 3 per cent.

Estimation of the rate of spread of infection

The ‘R’ value means the average number of people infected by an infected person. From this one can understand the speed of spread of the virus. The second wave of corona had to hospitalize many people and the infrastructure was inadequate. Then the R value began to go down.


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