Decrease in maternal and child mortality rate in the state including Melghat

|| Sandeep Acharya

Mumbai: The number of maternal and child deaths in the state, including Melghat, has come down from 407 in 2016-17 to 213 in 2020-21. The death toll in the state has dropped from 87 per lakh mothers to 46, health officials said.

Social activist Bandu Sane has consistently raised the issue of maternal and child mortality in Melghat before the government and the courts. The health department is taking various measures to prevent maternal and child mortality in the areas including Melghat in Amravati. In 2016-17, the number of infant deaths in the age group of 0 to 1 was 280, which has come down to 172 infant deaths in July 2020-21. Also, the number of deaths of 407 children in the age group of 1 to 6 years has come down to 213. According to the SRS (Sample Registration System) report, Maharashtra ranks third in the country in terms of infant mortality rate, while Maharashtra ranks second in the country in terms of maternal mortality. The director of the health department said that measures are being taken by the health department to reduce this number. Archana Patil said.

In Amravati, Dharani and Chikhaldara are two talukas belonging to the tribal area. In Melghat area, there is one sub-district hospital, two rural hospitals, 11 primary health centers, 92 sub-centers, 7 mobile health teams, 6 primary health teams, 22 flying squads and one allopathy and 4 ayurvedic dispensaries. , 483 Anganwadi Centers and six ambulances of 108 toll free numbers are working. Patil said. Apart from this, special neonatal care room, neonatal stabilization room, nutrition rehabilitation center, child mortality investigation, home care scheme are being implemented in Melghat. Of these, 306 children have been admitted to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center in 2020-21, while 105 malnourished children have been admitted to 23 Child Treatment Centers during the same period. The proportion of moderately underweight and severely underweight children has also declined compared to last year. Last year there were 23 thousand 229 children of moderately underweight in Amravati district, that number has come down to 20 thousand 678 by the end of June 2021. The number of severely underweight children also declined by 5,397 to 4,794.

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