Delhi Police foils plot, arrests 6, including two Pakistani terrorists

A special cell of the Delhi Police has exposed a Pakistan-funded terrorist module. Investigators have arrested six people in this case. The arrested suspect was operating a terrorist module in India. Meanwhile, the terrorists are being investigated and it is being investigated whether any more clues are found. This information was given by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Pramod Kushwaha.

A special cell has arrested six people in Delhi in connection with a major Pakistani conspiracy. According to the information received, 2 out of 6 people working for this Pakistani terrorist module have undergone training in Pakistan. Police raided Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Delhi and arrested a total of six people to expose the terrorist module. Police claimed that a large quantity of arms and ammunition were seized from the suspected terrorists.

The members of the Pakistan-based terrorist module were acting on the instructions of two Pakistanis. Their intention was to attack during Navratri and other festivals. IEDs have also been seized from them. The arrested terrorists are said to be between 22 and 43 years of age.

Commissioner of Police Neeraj Thakur said, “The connection of this terrorist module is being told by D Company. This terrorist module was hatching a big plot under the protection of ISI. Two of the six arrested terrorists have returned from Pakistan after undergoing training. It was a multi-state operation by a special cell of the Delhi Police. ”

“Two teams of terrorists were formed. One team was led by Dawood Ibrahim’s brother Anees Ibrahim. The team that was tasked with smuggling weapons across the border into India and hiding them here. The other team had to manage the money through hawala. ” Such information has been given by the police.

According to information received, two terrorists have been arrested from Delhi. Besides, four persons from Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan have also been arrested. One of the terrorists, Mohammad Osama, is said to be a resident of Delhi. The others are Zeeshan Kamar, Jan Mohammad Ali Sheikh, Mohammad Abu Bakar, Mohammad Amir Javed and Moolchand Lala.

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