Devendra Fadnavis’s first reaction to the arrest of a terrorist in Mumbai; Said, “Such people.”

A special cell of the Delhi Police has exposed a Pakistan-funded terrorist module. Investigators have arrested six people in this case. Concern is being expressed that one of these terrorists has been arrested from Mumbai. Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis has reacted against this background.

The Mumbai connection of one of the six terrorists arrested by the Delhi Police has now come to light. Not only this, the information that the terrorists did Reiki of Mumbai local has come to light in the investigation conducted by the Delhi Police. Devendra Fadnavis has reacted to all this while talking to the media. That said, this is a very serious matter. Finding terrorists in different parts of the country and especially in Mumbai is a wake-up call. I think this needs serious attention. It is very important to find the terrorists hiding in such places and we have to be careful not to let this happen again. Such people must be eliminated.

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