Dialogue in politics is losing!

Sharad Pawar’s grief

Mumbai: Dialogue is losing ground in politics. No one gets up and speaks the language of getting the bag out. The whole definition has changed, lamented NCP President Sharad Pawar on Saturday.

Pawar inaugurated the Mrinalatai Gore Hall at Keshav Gore Memorial Trust in Goregaon. The program was chaired by senior social leader Dr. This was Baba Adhav. Industry Minister Subhash Desai, Yuvraj Mohite, MLA Kapil Patil etc. were present on the occasion. Mrinaltai Gore’s ideal should be presented to the society in the changing situation, said Pawar. At this time, Pawar reminisced about his old memories of Mrinalatai. We had to face the Mrinalatai movement. The issue of inflation had come to the fore. Mrinaltai Gore and Ahilyatai Ranganekar had started the agitation on the issue of common ground. They surrounded the government. I was then the Minister of State for Home Affairs. The then Chief Minister Vasantrao Naik gave me the additional charge of Minister of State for Food and Civil Supplies. Nike had told me to take care of this cheating lady. Then I started interacting with Mrinalatai. The dialogue broke down, Pawar recalled. There used to be harmony and civility at that time. Now everything has changed, said Pawar.

Leaving medical education, Mrinalatai did not devote herself to social studies. He longed for the blessings of the people. Baba Adhav said in his presidential address that they continued to fight against the government even in the most adverse conditions. Let’s resolve to set up an ideal center in the state in the name of Mrinalatai, said Industry Minister Subhash Desai.

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