Discovery of Ganeshotsav Mandals contributing to social work

Platform of ‘Lok Satta Lok Kalyan’

Mumbai: While celebrating public Ganeshotsav, Ganeshotsav Mandals take initiative to do things of public interest through public participation. During the last one and a half years and the recent floods in many districts of the state, Ganeshotsav Mandals have done a lot of public welfare work. The work of conveying this social work to the masses will be done through ‘Lok Satta Lok Kalyan’.

Since Ganeshotsav started with a sense of social unity, it is still important to maintain social commitment along with tradition. The social work of Ganeshotsav Mandals continues through blood donation, health camps, educational activities, food donation, visits to various ashrams. Moreover, in case of any natural calamity in a region, city, state or country, the circles are always extending a helping hand.

This was especially evident during the Coronation period. Activists of Ganeshotsav Mandals were fighting the situation with both hands. Many important activities like hospitalization of the victims, provision of health facilities, financial assistance to the families, corona test camps, distribution of foodgrains, blood donation, disinfection, distribution of masks were carried out during this period. In fact, as the Corona situation continues today, the flow of aid continues. On the one hand, during the crisis of Karona, many districts in the state were flooded. People became homeless. Boards also provided lakhs of rupees to the state government for their rehabilitation. Some of the circles themselves went to the villages and delivered help. This is the mindset of ‘Lok Satta’ to bring this social work before the society.

How to participate?

Ganeshotsav Mandals want to take their social work to ‘Lok Satta’ to participate in the activities. The work of the selected boards will be publicized through ‘Lok Satta’. Circles provide details and photographs of your social work [email protected] Send to this e-mail address by September 10, 2021.


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