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Appeal to send information for ‘Lok Satta Durga’ award

Mumbai: Loksatta will be honoring nine ‘Durgas’ among the common people, who are unusual for their noble and community-oriented work in various fields, on the occasion of Navratra celebrations like every year. This year is the eighth year of ‘Lok Satta Durga Award-2021’ and an appeal is being made to send the information of such capable women in our area to ‘Lok Satta’.

Many women start a constructive work in a small form and then expand to a larger constructive work. Every year, under the initiative ‘Lok Satta Durga’, information about the nine women who have inspired many men and women, be it personal or social work, is published. Information on 63 ‘Durgas’ of this initiative, which has been going on for the last seven years, was recently published in the form of a coffee table book.

This year’s ‘Lok Satta Durga-2021’It is being appealed to send nominations for the award and out of the nominations to be sent by September 20, 2021, nine women will be selected for the award by expert examiners.

This is important .. Be it industry, education, research, science and technology, health, sports, recreation, environmental conservation, social work or any other field, you can send information about ‘Durga’ in your introduction for the award. This information should be sent only once in Marathi and in the form of entries. The work of these women should be inspiring, constructive, having a positive impact on the society and reaching a high position in the field.

Where to send information? Information [email protected]

Send to this e-mail id or by mail to the following address. ‘Lok Satta- Mahape Office, Plot no. EL-138, TTC Industrial Area, Mahape, Navi Mumbai-400710 ‘. This should be mentioned in e-mails and postal envelopes for ‘Lok Satta Durga Award 2021’. Information about the award-winning fort will be published live in Loksatta from October 7.

About the award .. This information should be sent to ‘Lok Satta’ in 500 words by September 20, 2021. Along with the information, a photograph, full address, contact number and e-mail ID of the woman should be sent. From the information received, the committee will select nine forts. Every day for nine days on Navratri, one of these forts will be introduced through ‘Lok Satta’. Navdurga will be honored at the hands of celebrities in the ensuing ceremony.


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