Dismantling of gymnasiums supplying illegal drugs

MUMBAI: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched a special crackdown on gymnasiums using gymnasiums with state-of-the-art equipment. As part of the operation, five teams have been formed for Mumbai and on Saturday inspected 25 gyms in the western suburbs. Protein powder was seized from two places this time and this special operation will continue.

After the death of actor Siddharth Shukla, the issue of illegal sale of drugs in gyms has become a topic of discussion on social media. The FDA has received two or three complaints in this regard. Taking note of these complaints, the FDA’s Mumbai division has launched a special operation. The operation is being carried out jointly by the Food and Drug Administration and five teams have been formed for the purpose. The team includes a food safety officer and a drug inspector. The campaign began on Saturday and will continue for the next few days, according to the FDA’s Assistant Commissioner (Drugs), Headquarters D.C. R. Gahane gave.

The inspection of gymnasiums from Bandra to Andheri was started at 7 am on Saturday. During the day, 25 gyms were inspected. Nothing was found in the two gyms except protein powder, Gahane said. Protein powders or steroids, injections are not kept in gyms. People who come to the gym take injections, protein powders or other medications as advised by the trainer. Gahane declined to give further details, saying no drugs were found in 25 places. Protein powder was seized from two places and a sample was taken for investigation. Further investigation is underway in this regard. He also indicated that all the gyms in Mumbai would be inspected.

Obstacles to action

There are complaints of illegal drug sales in gyms. But the person does not seem to be complaining that he has suffered due to the use of drugs. Therefore, the FDA cannot take concrete action. Because no one puts injections, drugs or proteins in the gym. If you go for investigation then the officers do not have anything special in their hands and a similar picture was seen in Saturday’s operation. Although the campaign is challenging, Gahane said the inspection of the gyms will continue.

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