Disruption of morbidity in Lalbagh, Paral


Mumbai: Central Mumbai, the main attraction of Ganeshotsav, has seen an increase in the number of patients over the past week. Paral, Lalbagh, Shivdi, Naigaon, Wadala are at the top in terms of patient growth. In this area which is bustling with Ganeshotsav, there is a hindrance of patient growth even before the festival. After Central Mumbai, there is an increase in the number of patients in Byculla.

On the one hand, the markets are overflowing with preparations for Ganeshotsav, while on the other hand, the number of patients is increasing again. Within 20 days after the relaxation of restrictions in the city, the daily number of patients has reached nearly 500. In Mumbai, 496 patients were newly diagnosed on Sunday. For the first time since July 12, the number of patients in Mumbai has increased so much.

The restraint shown by the citizens in Ganeshotsav last year is not seen this year. Lalbagh, Paral is a part of the authentic Marathi population. But even before the Ganeshotsav starts, the number of corona patients in the area is increasing rapidly. The growth rate here is higher than other parts of Mumbai.

The e-division, which includes Byculla since last week, has been at the forefront of patient growth. Fifteen to twenty new patients are being added to the area every day since last week. However, the rate has gone up as 22 patients were found in a single day in an orphanage in the area last week, said Assistant Commissioner Manish Valanju. He also said that the increase in the number of patients was due to the fact that the staff of all the hospitals and health care providers in the area were affected. Also, there is a large market for fruits and vegetables and various commodities in this area, so the number of shoppers is also high. That is why the number of patients is increasing, he said. “We have increased the number of tests and are focusing on preventive measures,” he said.

The ratio is one percent

In the last week of August, the incidence in Mumbai was 0.86 per cent. 3112 patients were undergoing treatment. However, in the first week of September, the number of patients has risen again to 1.21 per cent. In Mumbai, there was an increase of 3,843 cases in just ten days.

Infection is more common in housing complexes

Despite the increase in the number of patients, the chalis in Mumbai are still corona-free. Corona infection is on the rise in housing complexes and currently 44 buildings are banned in Mumbai. Instructions have been given to the departments to set up a corona care center with a capacity of about 25,000 in order to provide segregation facility in case of increase in the number of corona in Mumbai. So that the persons in contact with the victims can be sent here immediately for segregation, informed Kakani.

Test next month

Now that 14 days have passed since the restrictions were relaxed, the number of patients has increased slightly. But now the next month will be a test period. If the number of patients does not increase rapidly after Ganeshotsav, it can be said that the infection will not increase again in Mumbai, said Suresh Kakani, Additional Commissioner, Municipal Corporation.

Patient double duration

Mumbai 1363 days

Paral, Lalbagh, Shivdi 904

Wadala, Naigaon 883

Growth rate (in percent)

Mumbai 0.05

Paral, Lalbagh, Shivdi 0.08 percent

Wadala, Naigaon 0.08 percent

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