DJ to crack at Akole


Akolekar said goodbye to Ganapati Bappa Morya in a devotional atmosphere on Sunday. Donations of about two thousand idols and Nirmalas, alarm of traditional instruments in the procession instead of DJ, complete rosary in the procession, scattering of flowers by some circles instead, attractive programs presented in front of various circles were the features of Akola’s Ganesha Immersion procession.
Idol and Nirmalyadana activities have been carried out in Akole city for the last several years. After being properly immersed in the river basin on the Pravaran river, the idols are collected together instead of being released into the river water. Students of National Service Scheme at Akole College do this work. In the same year, seven hundred students of this college collected two thousand idols under the guidance of Program Officer Babasaheb Deshmukh. The idol was then properly immersed in the college pond. NSS students also collected three trolleys of Nirmalya. This fertilizer will be used to make fertilizer.
Devotees started immersing Ganpati at home from 9 am on Sunday. The immersion processions of Modern High School and Agastya Vidyalaya were the center of attraction as usual. During the procession, cultural programs like Lezim, Zanj, Tipari dance, Zenda dance, Lathi-Kathi, Geete etc. performed by the school children became the subject of attraction. The drums and cymbals in front of some of the circles attracted the attention of the people. Under the guidance of Inspector Narayan Wakhare and Home Guard Commander Pushpa Naikwadi, the police and Home Guard personnel were on high alert.

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