Drone spraying for mosquito eradication

Municipal Corporation’s decision for ‘G South’ section

Mumbai: To reduce the incidence of dengue and malaria, as well as to destroy the origin of mosquitoes, the municipality has now started using the latest methods. Drones will be used to spray disinfectants on the roofs of houses and buildings. However, this state-of-the-art experiment is limited to the ‘G-South’ section of Worli, part of Prabhadevi. In the presence of Mayor Kishori Pednekar, the drug was sprayed with the help of a drone at Mahalakshmi Dhobighat on Monday.

The fever of rain diseases has increased in Mumbai. In August, 790 cases of malaria and 132 new cases of dengue were detected. Therefore, the Department of Pesticides has stepped in to destroy the origin of the dance. Employees are going to various places to remove mosquito eggs from the roof with the help of ladders and spraying is being done there. However, in the southern part of Worli, which is part of Prabhadevi and Mahalakshmi, spraying is being done with the help of drones. A special drone has been deployed for the constituency, which is the constituency of Tourism Minister Aditya Thackeray. Drone spraying was carried out in Mahalakshmi Dhobighat area of ​​Mayor Kishori Pednekar’s ward on Monday.

The drone has been procured from the CSR fund by the G South division of the municipality at an estimated cost of Rs 7.5 lakh. In the G / South section, malaria-carrying dances are formed by conserving water during the monsoons in places where there are large number of dilapidated mills, roof gutters at the Lower Parel railway workshop site, and tarpaulins at the top of the slums. The staff of Pest Control Department could not be reached for inspection and spraying of herbicides. Therefore, the officials informed that the place is being sprayed with the help of drones.

Pesticide officer Rajan Naringrekar said that even if drops of pesticide fall on the body while spraying with this method, there is no danger in it.

689 mosquito breeding grounds destroyed

The drone has a tank capacity of 10 liters and a battery capacity of half an hour. The drone is being flown by a trained pilot with the help of a company. In addition, a total of 689 malaria-carrying dances were discovered and destroyed in the department by the staff of the Pest Control Department.

We are trying to keep the health of Mumbaikars in good health and the corporators have demanded to give one drone to each divisional office. This will definitely help in reducing the incidence of malaria and dengue as it is more effective for less money.

Kishori Pednekar, Mayor

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