Elderly couple freed from son-in-law harassment

Court orders child to leave home within ten days

MUMBAI: Releasing a 90-year-old couple from the harassment of their son and daughter-in-law, the High Court has ruled that the girl child is still with her parents till marriage. At the same time the child of the couple concerned was ordered to leave the house in a luxurious building in Juhu with the family within ten days.

Ashish Dalal had challenged the order of the parental eviction arbitration in October last year. The order was passed by an arbitrator under the Parents and Senior Citizens Care and Welfare Act. Justice Girish Kulkarni upheld the decision of the arbitrator and gave the petitioner ten days to leave the parents’ house.

The court said

In the case before us, there is a sad story of desperate parents. They want to live this time of life in peace. They have minimal expectations and needs. But the rich boy has to be deprived of these expectations and needs. The child doesn’t even want to think about it. The petitioner has completely failed in fulfilling his duty to take care of his elderly and needy parents. Moreover, he has made them go to court at this age, the court said while avoiding the child’s petition.

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