‘Environmental enrichment needed to control the situation’

Underlined the issue of equal distribution of water

MUMBAI: Environmental and water management experts say that Mumbai’s environment needs to be enriched without responding to the effects of climate change, which has been dumped in Mumbai’s seas for the past several years. The last discussion in the series of discussions on the Environmental Action Plan prepared by the municipality was held on Thursday. The theme of the session was ‘Prerequisites in the City and Management of Water Resources’.

‘As a result of the flooding of Mumbai’s seas over the last several years, Mumbai has been facing a backlash recently. Nala and wetlands are being neglected while designing the city, ‘said Nikhil Anand, a professor at the University of Peninsula. ‘Although five-star toilets are being built in some places through private partnerships, many places still do not have toilets near homes for children and senior citizens. As a result, most of the sewage is mixed in the nallas and the sewage from the toilets is also discharged into the nallas, ‘said Amita Bhide, Professor, Institute of Sociology (TIS).

All the experts who participated in the discussion said that the environment can be enriched and the situation can be tackled. Sitaram Shelar of ‘Water Rights Committee’ raised the issue of equal distribution of water. “Even today, we are officially denying water to a population of 2 million and on the other hand, we are wasting a lot of water,” he said. Roshni Nagealli of the youth organization also raised the issue of water in deprived areas and homeless citizens. Riya Shah, an expert in the discussion, expressed the need to inspect the buildings from a precautionary point of view.

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