Equal status to deployed and net mathematics


Decision for admission to undergraduate courses

The subject ‘Applied Mathematics’ will be considered as equivalent to complete mathematics while admitting 12th standard students to undergraduate courses. Mathematics and applied mathematics have been given equal status in admission to the humanities as well as commerce.

The Central University Grants Commission has directed the CBSE in this regard and it is not appropriate for some universities to insist on pure mathematics. If one’s applied mathematics is a subject in class XII, then it should be considered as pure mathematics in admission to the next course. The emphasis is on pure mathematics when admitting undergraduate courses in economics, social sciences and commerce. CBSE, the Central Board of Secondary Education, has introduced a subject called Applied Mathematics for 11th and 12th standard. It has 80 marks in theory and 20 marks in experimental mathematics. Now, applied mathematics will be considered as pure mathematics, said Rajnish Jain, secretary, Central University Grants Commission, in a letter to the vice-chancellor.

Therefore, while averaging the marks at the time of admission, the marks in the applied mathematics will have to be taken into account. The commission has informed the universities that they should give equal importance to applied mathematics while admitting undergraduate courses.

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