“Every moment…”; Pankaja Munde’s comment on ‘that’ photo of Prime Minister Modi’s plane

After Prime Minister Modi shared a photo of himself from the plane, many dignitaries reacted to it, including Pankaja.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the second most followed leader in the world on Twitter. With the exception of former US President Barack Obama, no leader has as many followers as Narendra Modi. That is why when Modi posts a story or a photo, it is discussed not only in the country but all over the world. This is exactly the picture that Modi posted after his flight to the US from Air India One. The photo is currently being discussed on social networking sites and many leaders have reacted to it. These leaders include former Maharashtra minister and BJP leader Pankaja Munde.

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It so happened that around noon on Wednesday, Prime Minister Modi left Delhi for the United States. Modi left for the United States to attend the UN General Assembly. “We will raise the issue of Karona Mahasath, terrorism, climate change and other important issues at the UN General Assembly,” Modi said. Modi shared a photo of himself working on Twitter after boarding the plane. This photo shared by Modi at around 11 pm has received more than 18,000 retweets in 12 hours. Modi shared the photo with the caption, “Long-haul flights are an opportunity to do paperwork and check some important files.”

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Although there were more than 7,800 comments on this photo of Modi, some special people also recorded their reactions under this photo. Pankaja also commented on this photo of Modi. “There are many Indians waiting for you beyond the borders of India. Our country is respected all over the world. I wish you success in your endeavors to enhance the dignity of the country at every moment, ”said Pankaja.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in the United States at around 4 am Indian time today. Prime Minister Modi had flown a special Air India One flight from India to the United States. Modi landed at Andrews Airport, the joint base in Washington, the US capital. Indians in this placeHe welcomed Modi with great enthusiasm.


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