F16 fighter jets take to the skies as Biden speaks at the UN, find out what happened?

On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden delivered his first speech at the UN General Assembly. But while Biden was delivering the speech, there was a big security mess. The commotion blew up a single cable of security systems and alerted everyone. What is special is that when all this happened, President Joe Biden was in New York with the leaders of other important countries. What the heck is this? If not this attack and many other questions were presented. However, it was later revealed that this was due to a mistake.

Of course, this mess has turned into any major accident. A small plane crashed into New York’s Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR). Leaders from almost 100 countries around the world were present in New York at this time. The Sejna 182 aircraft entered the TFR around 2pm on Tuesday. That’s why, as per protocol, the F-16 fighter jets were alerted and flew into the air. The planes took the small plane away from the TFR to avoid further confusion and the life of the security system was in jeopardy.

What is TFR?

Many leaders are currently meeting in New York for the UN meeting. The TFR is declared the part of the city where the most important people visit New York. No flights were allowed from certain parts of the city from 4pm on Monday to 4am on Tuesday. The entire area east of the Hudson River has been declared a no-flying zone. However, a plane was seen flying over the region, causing confusion. However, due to the timely evacuation of the aircraft, the system managed to avoid further confusion.

Modi left

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the UN General Assembly on Wednesday. He expressed confidence that the visit would help strengthen ties with the United States. “I will be visiting the United States from September 22 to 25 at the invitation of US President Joe Biden. This time, I will discuss with Biden global issues, including global political harmony and the regional interests of both countries, “Modi said on Twitter.

What did Biden say?

The world needs to work together on issues such as the Corona, climate change and human rights abuses, and the world is at a new turning point due to a number of challenges, US President Joe Biden said in his first address to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. The United States no longer wants to go into a new Cold War era when the conflict with China continues, he explained. He has supported the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The future belongs to those who will take everyone along and let them live freely. However, he warned that those who want to rule by Mangatshahi will not be able to do so. “There is tension between the two countries, but we do not want to start a new Cold War,” he said, avoiding direct reference to China.


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