Family fined for entering temple of Dalit child

Five arrested

Five people have been arrested for allegedly fining a Dalit family Rs 25,000 for entering a Hanuman temple in Miyapur village in Koppal district.

Superintendent of Police T. “We have arrested five people in the case. The incident took place on September 4, but it came to light on Monday,” Sridhara said. The case was then filed. The Dalit family was not willing to file a complaint. Chandrasekhar’s family belongs to the Chennadsar community and they took their two-year-old son to Hanuman Temple on September 4 for his birthday. The family went to the temple but the two-year-old boy entered the temple. His priests were angry. Therefore, the upper castes held a meeting on September 11 and fined the family Rs 25,000 for cleaning the temple. Some upper caste villagers had expressed the view that the punishment was too harsh. The incident was later discussed in the village and the matter was brought to the notice of the Kushtagi police. The family was unwilling to file a complaint as revenge would be sought from the upper castes.

Some members of the Chennadsar community had visited Koppal district. So the atmosphere became tense. The case was registered on Tuesday following a complaint lodged by Balachandra Sanagal, assistant director of the social welfare department. Over the next two days, the administration held rallies to warn the people against caste discrimination, followed by a mass puja in the presence of representatives of the Chennadasar community in the presence of the police.


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