farmers ignore Indonesia black rice farming zws 70 | Farmers turn to black rice cultivation in Indonesia

Low market demand; Ignoring the appeal of the Department of Agriculture for not getting proper rates

Bhagwan Mandlik, Loksatta

Welfare : The Department of Agriculture had appealed to the farmers to prepare black rice seeds in Indonesia and sow them in different talukas of Thane district as they are good for health and production. The initiative was taken by the agriculture authorities on an experimental basis. However, it has been observed that black seed rice is not getting proper response from the farmers as the bread is getting black and the rice is not getting market price.

Farmers who are always accustomed to eating white rice and bread have turned their backs on black seed cultivation. Agriculture officials confirmed the news.

In Kambare, Aware, Arjunli villages of Shahapur taluka in Thane district, the taluka agriculture officer had provided black seed rice seeds of Indonesia to the experimental farmers. From the black rice seeds grown by these farmers, the rice crop will be produced,

The agriculture officials were trying to encourage more farmers to cultivate black rice in Indonesia by giving the varieties to other farmers in Shahapur taluka. During the kharif season last year, farmers in Aware, Kambare, Arjunli villages planted black paddy. However, there are complaints that the grains of this rice are long, the skin is thick and it takes more time to cook black rice.

The mood of the officers: Due to lack of demand from farmers and traders, experimental farmers have turned their backs on black paddy cultivation this year. Agriculture officials are trying to persuade the farmers to cultivate these seeds. But the officials are frustrated as the farmers are not ready.

Black seed: The main origin of black rice seeds is from Indonesia. Five years ago, a farmer from Akole taluka in Ahmednagar district got 3 kg of black variety seeds through the agriculture department. The farmer planted the seed for two years. From these seeds, the farmer had produced 14 kg of seeds in two years. Some farmers in Shahapur and Murbad areas had obtained these seeds from the farmers of Akole taluka through the Department of Agriculture. Black seed rice, bread is nutritious to eat. Black rice is considered healthy for diabetics.

The Department of Agriculture is working hard to get black rice seeds planted by farmers in Indonesia. Some farmers planted this crop. The rice from these seeds is healthy. It was not marketed properly. Black seed makes farmers unhappy. – Amol Agwan, Agriculture Officer, Hapur

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