Fear of the third wave, but less tests!

|| Sandeep Acharya

Mumbai: On the backdrop of the festival, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Health Minister Rajesh Tope are instructing to be vigilant about the third wave of corona, saying, ‘Build health temples rather than temples’. However, the number of corona tests in September was lower than in August.

State Action Force doctors have been consistently calling for an increase in the number of corona tests over the past few months. Primarily Delta, Delta Plus and Mew are appealing to increase tests in the background, to locate patients as well as people in contact with patients, and to use masks and safe distances. Apart from this, in the first five districts of Pune, Satara, Thane, Ahmednagar and Mumbai, which have high number of active patients, appeals have been made to take care of them. Against this backdrop, the number of trials conducted in the first week of September was much lower than in August, when the number of corona tests was expected to increase. In August, more than two lakh tests were conducted daily for nine days, while for the entire month, more than one lakh 85 thousand tests were conducted daily.

In comparison, on the backdrop of Ganeshotsav, in the first week of September till September 7, an average of one lakh 60 thousand forward tests have been done. Although 5 crore 51 lakh tests have been conducted in the state till date, doctors say that the speed of tests needs to be increased. Even today, the number of active patients in Pune is 12,409, while Thane has 7,459, Satara 5,606, Ahmednagar 5,331 and Mumbai 4,165 active patients. At present there are 47 thousand 926 active patients in the state out of which 24 thousand 284 patients or 50.09 percent patients are admitted in the hospital for treatment. He also said that despite repeated appeals from the government on the backdrop of Ganeshotsav, the Corona regulations are not being followed and the doctors of the task force are also expressing concern and at least increase the number of tests.

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