Fill in the catchment area of ​​Mithi river in Are

Inquiry orders

MUMBAI: For the last six months, the filling has been being dumped near Mt. He feared that if the filler was not removed, a backlog would form.

In April, environmentalists noticed that four acres of land at Unit 19 were being filled. Complaints were lodged with the concerned agencies from the police through Save Aarey, Vanashakti and Rewiding Aarey. However, no action was taken by the police or government agencies. Sanjeev Walson of Riding Aarey alleged that the filling work was going on and other places were also being filled up. It is said that some of the land being filled at Unit 19 was given to Indian Oil Corporation in 2016 for setting up a petrol pump. How is the filling being done on four acres of land when an area of ​​a few square feet has been allotted for a petrol pump. Originally located in an environmentally sensitive area, it is a catchment area of ​​the Mithin River. So, when no work could be done in this place, the question of how the petrol pump was allowed here was raised by Rohit Joshi, an environmentalist, who was present and lodged a complaint with Bharne.

The risk of flooding will increase if the filler is not removed as soon as possible. Therefore, the filler should be removed immediately. Environmentalists also demanded an inquiry into the matter. Joshi said the inquiry was ordered by Bharne, who immediately took note of the environmentalist’s complaint.

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