Finally Kirit Somaiya boarded the ‘Mahalakshmi Express’ to go to Kolhapur, but

BJP leader Kirit Somaiya was stopped by the Mahalakshmi Express from going to Kolhapur at the CSMT station in Mumbai. There was also a large police force at the railway station and Kirit Somaiya was surrounded by the police. So, Somaiya took an aggressive stance and told the police that you can’t stop me, that the action against me is illegal and that we will go to Kolhapur. For a long time after that, Somaiya was stuck in a police cordon. However, you can stop me at the gate of Kolhapur, not here in Mumbai, saying Somaiya got on the train and left for Kolhapur. However, Somaiya is also expected to land in Thane, Dadar or Kalyan.

Media representatives were also present in large numbers along with Somaiya. Somaiya has also said that police bullying is going on. Somaiya has raised various questions against the police and also strongly criticized the Thackeray government.

This cannot happen without the order of the Chief Minister, this is a conspiracy of the Chief Minister and Sharad Pawar. However, I will expose Hasan Mushrif’s scam. Will the Chief Minister and the Home Minister answer that I was locked in the house for four hours? ” That is also what Somaiya has said.

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