From today, corona test is mandatory for those going to Konkan


Mumbai: On the occasion of Ganeshotsav, those going to Konkan from Mumbai, Thane, Palghar and Pune will have to face corona test from Sunday 5th September. The government has upheld the condition of the corona test report two hours or 72 hours ago. If none of these are available, it will be mandatory to test the corona outside the ST, railway station or in villages, it has been clarified. Railways, STs, waterways are being monitored by the administration.

The driver-carrier will collect the passenger information at the place from where the ST bus will depart and deposit it in the ST depot of the taluka. The district collector has ordered to collect this information in the tehsil office every day. It will be provided by collecting the information of the passengers coming from private buses. A meeting has been called on Monday between the district collector, health system, traffic police and MLAs. Transport Minister Anil Parab said that many issues will be discussed in it.

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