“Get us out of here, or we’ll be killed;” The request of a third party in Afghanistan

“We will definitely be killed. We urge you to get us out of Afghanistan immediately,” is the call of third parties in Afghanistan. After the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, third parties have been living in hiding. The 25-year-old gay man from Afghanistan is one of hundreds of LGBTQ + members (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) in Afghanistan. Who feared for his life during the Taliban regime. These members have appealed to human rights lawyers outside the country to help them get out of the Taliban regime.

Other countries, including the United States, have evacuated their citizens stranded in Afghanistan. These third-party nationals are being forced to hide in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops. They fear they could be killed, attacked or tortured if caught by the Taliban. It has been a month since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. During this period, her promise to protect women’s rights proved to be a fallacy. Their fears are growing as the Taliban have not yet made any statements about third parties.

Meanwhile, many feel that the Taliban government will follow the same rules regarding gay people as it did under their first regime. Homosexuality was punishable by death in the first regime of the Taliban government. A LGBTQ human rights lawyer told CNN that after the capture of Kabul on August 15, some people came looking for him. “They threatened my brother and told him that if I returned home, they would kill me because I was gay. I will probably never be able to return home because of the lack of food and other supplies, ”he says.

“We are LGBT. This is not our fault. In my destiny, it is written in my soul and no one can change it. They can only kill me, ”he says.

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