Golden opportunity to buy a house ५ 557 sq ft flats for sale at a distance of Rs 15 lakh from Mumbai

Everyone has a dream to have their rightful home in Mumbai. But with skyrocketing house prices, many ordinary families do not get the chance to fulfill their dream. But now is the time to make that dream come true. Some may be shocked to read the headline, but it is true. Nearly 15 lakh houses are available from Mumbai. In some places, houses have been made available from Rs 10 lakh. What is special is that the company that sells these houses is a very credible organization. The build-up area of ​​these 10 to 15 lakh houses, which is close to Mumbai and available in very good places, is 557 square feet. Similarly, houses with an area of ​​698 square feet are available from 18 lakh 84 thousand. Surprisingly, the 370-square-foot house is available for just Rs 9,98,000 and is close to Mumbai. Let’s find out now exactly where these homes are and who is selling them.

All the above houses are available at Ghodbunder in Thane. These houses will be sold through MHADA. These houses will be sold by MHADA’s Konkan Board. The Konkan Board has made 8 thousand 984 houses available for sale.

Houses with 557 square feet buildup area will be sold in Kasarawadwali, Thane. The smaller houses will be 377.65 square feet. In Kasarawadwali alone, 722 square feet and 396 square feet houses will be sold. In Thane, between 17 and 18.84 lakh houses will be sold. The build-up area of ​​these houses will be 630 to 698 square feet and the carpet area will be 400 to 515 square feet.

These houses are in Thane, Kalyan, Vasai-Virar, Mira-Bhayander. Mumbai and Konkan Mandal houses are getting the highest response. There is a long wait for those who want this draw. However, for the last two years, Mumbai Mandal and Konkan Mandal have not been leaving for three years, but this year, a large number of houses have been vacated. Aspirants were outraged as they were not leaving when there was a huge demand for affordable housing. Against this backdrop, the Konkan Mandal finally decided to search for houses and leave on the day of Dussehra. MHADA has clarified that the list of eligible applicants will be released online on October 14 at Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagriha in Thane. So far, more than 26,000 applications have been received for these 8,984 houses.

How to register?

Registration started at 12 noon on the next day after the advertisement was published on 23rd August. MHADA had said that from 3 pm on the same day, the registrants can fill up the application and submit it to the bank along with the deposit. Application can be filled only after registration. Therefore, those interested can register from 24th August to 22nd September (till 12 noon). After that, registration will be closed and only those who have registered further will be able to fill up the application till September 23. The last date for submission of the deposit along with the bank is September 24. This process will then stop. Mahajan also said that the list of eligible applicants will be announced and the online draw will be held on October 14 at Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagriha in Thane.

Total houses 8984

  • Advertisement on August 23
  • Registration on 24th August from 12 noon
  • Deadline for registration till 12 noon on 22nd September
  • Application for sale on 3rd August from 3 pm
  • Applications can be submitted till August 23
  • August 24 Last date for submission of application along with deposit to the bank
  • Kashinath Ghanekar leaving the theater on October 14

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