Good luck ..! Debt-ridden rickshaw pullers face a lottery of Rs 12 crore

Jaipalan PR, a resident of Mardu in Kochi, was declared the first prize winner of the lottery.

The 58-year-old autorickshaw driver from Ernakulam district of Kerala was declared the winner of the Rs 12 crore Thiruvanamhapuram bumper lottery by the state government. Jaipalan PR, a resident of Mardu in Kochi, was given a certificate as the first prize winner of the lottery after presenting the original copy of the prize winner’s ticket at a nearby bank branch. After deducting taxes and agency commissions, they will get more than Rs seven crore.

Jaipalan told local media that he had bought the tickets on September 10 from Meenakshi Lucky Center in Tripunithura. The ticket costs Rs 300. He said he buys lottery tickets regularly and had earlier won the lottery for Rs 5,000. When the ticket number flashed on the TV screen during the draw in Thiruvananthapuram under the supervision of two ministers of the state government, they realized they were the winners on Sunday afternoon. He told his son about the ticket but did not tell his friends or family. On Monday, he cross-checked the news in the newspaper and went directly to the bank to collect the tickets.

Asked what to do with the prize money, Jaipalan told a channel, “I have some debt that I want to repay. I also have two ongoing civil cases in court that I would like to resolve. I want to educate my children well and help my sisters financially ”. So his mother said, “We were in debt. Had it not been for the lottery, my son would not have been able to pay them. I think God saw my tears and helped us. ”

In addition to the jackpot of Rs 12 crore, six lottery winners had Rs 1 crore each, 12 winners Rs 10 lakh each, 12 winners Rs 5 lakh each and 108 winners Rs 1 lakh each. The prize money is calculated after deducting taxes and commissions for the agency and ticket seller. The state government’s lottery department said it had printed 54 lakh tickets for the Thiruvananthapuram bumper lottery this year, all of which were sold. The department had printed 10 lakh more tickets than last year. This year, the bumper sold 126 crores.


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