Google AdSense showing the negative balance

Google Adsense is one of the premium products of Google. It is premium not only for google but also for bloggers and YouTubers. like you and me.


We knew how difficult it is to get an Adsense account these days.

Adsense Google Policy has changed a lot now.

But when we got an AdSense account, we do not use it properly. Shortcuts, yes shortcut tricks are being implemented to earn quick. This is where you entered. It acts as a honey-trap.


I have seen many bloggers and YouTubers view their content twice. Click on your own ads using a VPN or several methods to try to trick Google Adsense.

It should never be done like this.


You should know that when someone wants to earn money on the blog, then Adsense ad does not appear on the blog. And the page views are updated. Read more on this topic


Okay, now coming to the topic of why your Adsense dashboard is showing current or monthly negative balance.


This is because your website/blog was suspended recently due to invalid traffic


This situation happens when your blog or YouTube channel gets suspended due to invalid clicks or traffic.


A friend of mine also faced this problem; He is a blogger. What he did was visit his own blog and watch AIDS using VPNs in different locations.


Initially, he was happy; His income also increased. He was inspired. He continued to practice the same technique; Within two months his Adsense account was suspended.


He cried a lot, really. And it was bound to happen.


He received an email after 3-4 days; His Adsense account is being suspended because of invalid clicks and invalid traffic.


His Adsense account got suspended forever. Suspended his account on 29.

In his next month on 03rd, all his dollars have been deducted from Adsense account.

And then after 04 days he saw Adsense account, it was 07th, Google has put (-$252.37) in negative balance in his account.


His balance was showing minus ( -$152.37 ) in the dashboard. He was confused too. He never saw negative balance in his account.


This means that Google has deducted an additional ( – ) $1,088.98 from the publisher for invalid traffic.

His earlier balance was $836.61, later Google deducted -$1,088.98.

He now has -$252.37 in his balance.

Google AdSense showing the negative balance


This means a total of $1,088.98 was deducted from his Adsense account and paid back to advertisers in order to keep the ecosystem of Google, Cleaner and Better.




If you see negative it means you hold to pay that amount. So, $1,088.98 was deducted in my friend’s account and his balance was his earnings (0$).


If you see a negative balance, be prepared to pay back whatever amount is on your Adsense dashboard, treating it as punishment for invalid traffic and clicks.


I hope you now understand about negative balance in your Adsense dashboard. If you liked the post or found it helpful. Please share the post with your friends.


Thanks for reading till the end.

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