Haryana: 7 children die in 21 days in the same village, health department is searching for the cause

For more than a year now, we have been battling an epidemic like the Corona. While maintaining public health is a major challenge for us at present, the situation in one state of the country is even more worrisome. At least seven children under the age of 14 have died in three weeks in a village in Haryana’s Palwal district. Therefore, health officials in the district are struggling to find the cause of death of these children.

Chilli village, 20 km from Palwal in Haryana, is in a state of panic due to the high number of child deaths. As a result, health officials are scouring the village to find the cause of the children’s deaths. However, the cause of death of these children is still unclear. Health officials, meanwhile, say the lack of sanitation in the village is one of the main reasons. The locals claim that the death was due to a dengue outbreak.

District health officials say our team has yet to find any concrete reason for this. These children are likely to die due to various diseases caused by unhygienic conditions in the village. A door-to-door survey by health workers found seven deaths in the last 20 days. The villagers and the sarpanch say at least nine children have died in the village.

Survey of 2 thousand 947 people in 275 houses

Chief Medical Officer of Palwal Dr. Brahmadeep Sandhu says, “We are not saying that there is no support for dengue. But so far, we have not received any reports of dengue positive from the samples taken from the village. ” Meanwhile, health officials are currently surveying 2,947 people in 275 households in the village. They are testing for malaria, dengue, covid and other viral diseases, health officials said.

The Indian Express spoke to family members of six of the dead children. At this time, all but one family reported the same symptoms. E.g. High fever, acne, vomiting, low platelet count. The family members said that the children died within 3 to 4 days after the high fever.

Nine deaths in 20 days

Chilli village sarpanch Naresh Kumar said that in the last 20 days, nine people have died in the village. “The villagers were told through private labs that most of the children were tested, that these cases were related to dengue and the number of platelets was low. The government hospital report is still pending. Similarly, some more children have been admitted to private hospitals. The health department has taken immediate action after some villagers informed the sub-divisional magistrate about the deaths of their children last week. Samples were then taken and health officials visited the village. ”

25 squads working

Health officials said, “We have 25 teams working in the village to diagnose, survey and investigate the cause of death of children who have died in the last two weeks. Unhygienic and contaminated water supply can spread the disease. Some water pipes are coming out of the drains. So there is contamination. There is no proper drainage. So water collects there, and the number of mosquitoes is likely to increase during the rainy season. ”

Order of RTPCR testing of entire village

“We have conducted 250 rapid diagnostic tests and 194 slide tests for malaria. All these reports have been negative. Reports of 64 samples of RT-PCR tests for corona have also been negative. We sent 12 samples for dengue testing. But, all those reports have come out negative. Meanwhile, I have written a letter to the District Commissioner to clean the village as a priority. At the same time, the entire village has also ordered RT-PCR testing for corona, ”he said. Sandhu has said this time.

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