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In the city: Shailja Tiwale

Last year, Mumbaikars, worried about Karona’s fears, celebrated Ganeshotsav in a limited way. But the citizens, who have been confined for more than a year and a half, have lifted all the restrictions this year and are enjoying Ganeshotsav in style. So there is a lot of joy everywhere. Despite the smiles on everyone’s faces, the desire for lasting satisfaction, the crowds on the other side, the anxiety of the third wave and the growing outbreak of dengue and chikungunya will not endanger the health of the city again.

Restrictions were relaxed in the city from August 15 and the number of citizens increased. In addition to this, due to Ganeshotsav, the markets started overflowing from September. As a result, the coronary heart disease has re-emerged and the daily number of newly infected cases in the city has reached 500.

Although there is a ban on procession and public Ganpati darshan during Ganeshotsav, the number of people going to Ganpati for darshan at home is increasing in large numbers. Due to the increase in the number of visits of relatives and friends who have been away for the last one and a half years, the number of people in the household has increased during this period. Safe distance is not possible in this situation. But citizens seem to be getting rid of the use of masks and sanitizers. In markets, the use of masks has also declined in such public places on the streets. Last week, the municipality has fined around 10,000 to 12,000 people for not using the mask. The number of passengers traveling by train has also increased significantly during this period. Even on crowded train journeys, the cover is often seen on the chin instead of the mouth and nose. Overall, the emergence of Corona during Ganeshotsav is evident from the behavior of the citizens and it is extremely dangerous.

Corona infections are on the rise, while dengue is on the rise around the city. Although the incidence of corona was higher last year, the risk of other rain-related diseases was relatively low. But this year, the risk of coronary heart disease, especially dengue and malaria, is also increasing. As of August, the number of dengue patients in the city has crossed 200 and more than 3,000 cases of malaria have been detected. Although the death toll is relatively low, the number of infections is significant. Constant climate change, occasional rains and humid climate are conducive to the growth of dengue and chikungunya. The spread of dengue has been on the rise in the city since last month. Various projects are underway in many parts of the city and mosquito breeding has been found to be on the rise due to water logging.

The municipality is working hard to prevent corona and rain sickness. Emphasis is being placed on urgent testing in the building to prevent corona infection, adhering to preventive regulations in crowded places. However, the number of tests during Ganeshotsav has declined to some extent. It has also been found that the number of people in contact with victims has decreased to some extent. If those who participate in the crowds in the markets during Ganeshotsav are disturbed, there is a strong possibility that symptoms will appear this week or the infection will spread through them. So it is not affordable at this time to be negligent about trials and finding victims. The municipality also needs to take note of this and strictly implement measures to prevent infection.

Due to the constantly changing environment, the incidence of other viral diseases has also increased in the city. Therefore, Mumbaikars are suffering from fever, cold and cough. The patient is rushing to the doctor on time due to fear as the symptoms of corona and rain disease are similar. As a result, the tendency to seek treatment at home has decreased and treatment is also being taken on time. The result is also helping to diagnose corona along with other infectious diseases. While this is a good thing, tests are still being avoided in many buildings for fear of being banned. Preventive measures are needed to protect family and contact persons, not to hide the disease. There is no longer so much fear of Corona as before. So the types of throwing in the sand, looking suspiciously, have become relatively rare. So if patients are diagnosed in time and other families in the building cooperate with them without fear of being prevented, the risk of a potential third wave can certainly be averted.

This week and next week of Ganeshotsav is very important. During this time, if you as a citizen responsibly follow the rules of corona prevention, treat any symptoms in time, take precautions to prevent mosquitoes from breeding near your home, the disease crisis will definitely not recur in your city. It is the duty of every Mumbaikar to carry out his responsibilities with the understanding that his health is in his hands as well as the health of the city.

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