Hearing is fast in Maharashtra

Mumbai: During the hearing in the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Maharashtra), the parties will now be able to postpone the hearing twice and take further dates. Since many parties are wasting time giving various reasons during the hearing, it takes a long time to complete the hearing and give a verdict. As a result, it is often impossible to achieve the target within 60 days, so Maharashtra has taken this decision and issued a circular on Thursday.

Maharashtra has been receiving a large number of complaints from consumers since its inception. However, since both the parties, including the developers, are often time consuming, it is often not possible for Maharashtra to implement the provisions of the Rera Act, which gives a verdict within 60 days. Therefore, it takes a year or more to complete the hearing and give a verdict.

Against this backdrop, Maharashtra has decided to extend the dates twice for the parties to complete the hearing on time. The parties’ attorneys often state a number of reasons for getting later dates. But now any reason will be considered

No. The next date will be available only in exceptional circumstances. Otherwise, the hearing will continue without any reason and the case will be settled in time, the circular said. Ramesh Prabhu, President, Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association, welcomed the decision.

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