Help for deaf children!

Resolution of ‘Bolwadi’ for accommodation

Solapur: The ‘Bolwadi Project’ of the ‘Voice of Voiceless Campaign’ is working in Solapur district with the aim of eradicating dumbness. The organization needs financial support to accommodate deaf children in this project.

In a small village like Shetphal near Mohol on the Solapur-Pune highway, a service-minded couple named Jayaprada and Yogesh Bhange have started this ‘Bolwadi Project’ for deaf children. There they are taught to speak through ‘speech therapy’. Currently 160 deaf and dumb boys and girls have been connected to the project. Most of the children are from rural poor, farmers, agricultural laborers, bricklayers, carpenters and small traders. The main concept of ‘Bolwadi’ is to teach them to speak through their parents while avoiding costly matters.

The Bhange couple, with the help of the government, successfully conducted a ‘tray test’ to find deaf children. It has shown good visual effects and has helped to raise the issues of deaf children. Now children from urban areas are also coming to the project. Deaf children and parents come to Shetfal to take speech therapy lessons. Accommodation and meals are to be provided for them. After landing at Shetfal, parents have to pipe up with their children to reach the Bolwadi project. To avoid this, the organization also plans to provide permanent travel facilities.

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