Hinduism in danger! Amit Shah’s Home Ministry reveals imaginary fears

The Home Ministry has said that they have no record or evidence of so-called ‘threats’ to Hindu Dharma.

The Bharatiya Janata Party-led central government has rejected all claims related to any alleged threat to Hinduism, saying such fears are “imaginary”. The Home Ministry (MHA), headed by Amit Shah, has made it clear that it has no record or evidence of so-called ‘threats’ to Hinduism, in an RTI reply to Nagpur activist Mohnish Jabalpure.

In an RTI inquiry on August 31, Jabalpure had sought evidence that “Hinduism in the country” was in danger, which was in the possession of the Home Ministry. About a month later, Home Ministry official V. S. In his reply, Rana said that he had no idea about the threat to Hinduism. No such evidence was found. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. As the Center has no record in this regard, Rana claimed that Jabalpure’s question could not be answered.

“For the first time, a senior Home Ministry official has said that any inquiry into ‘threats to Hinduism’ is fictitious and admitted on record that he has no record to support any such possibility,” Jabalpure said.
However, he alleged that the BJP and its allies, for political gain, were creating a fear among Hindus that their religion and religious identity was in grave danger. Which is chanted twice a day by all activists across the country, ”said Jabalpure.


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