The program list was finalized after this explanation from the Union Minister. Tai was immediately called

Five ‘male’ office bearers had immediately gathered in a room of the party office in Dadar. While the party is making continuous efforts to respect women in Delhi, the question of how women in the state are not getting respect was being asked by the headquarters. After much discussion, everyone’s attention was drawn to the slowdown in Navi Mumbai.

When it was agreed that something urgent should be done to honor the mother, then immediately the planning of various events gained momentum. I started thinking about which programs to take in which sector. For this, immediate contact was made with the local male office bearers. After the eight-day event, an official said, “You should ask your mother once before making a decision.” Seeing that, everyone sat quietly for some time. Then an elder said, ‘Let’s send a list of all these programs to Tai and give her a surprise’. Yet doubts arose from one. ‘What about Ganeshdada’s presence?’ All shone on this question. ‘Don’t deny Grandpa. Mother’s real anger is on them. Wherever I go, they come from behind and hijack the party. That is why this issue of dignity has come to the fore. Then we will do all these events in the presence of my mother. Let’s see how to explain to Dada later ‘. The program list was finalized after this explanation from the Union Minister. Tai was immediately called. Tai happy! Then the program started from the next day. She attended the ‘Limbuchamcha Daud’ competition organized in a sector with an army of activists. Seeing that Dada was nowhere to be seen, his enthusiasm doubled. Then in the second place was the ‘Blind Salad’ competition. Excited to see the blindfolded women running to catch the contestants, the mothers made new announcements for the development of women. In one place, the game of ‘musical chair’ was played. He took part in it himself. On the fourth day, he inaugurated the Mahila Patsanstha. Then she attended the program of Jhunka Bhakar Kendra started by Mahila Bachat Group near the administrative building. One evening a beauty contest was organized in the auditorium of Vashi. In front of the huge crowd, she gave a loud speech. In that crowd, they saw some of Dada’s supporters present with malic faces. Seeing them made them even happier. Then came the spider dance competition. That too for women. Seeing this, one of Tai’s activists became suspicious. ‘Do you like all women’s programs?’ This question made Tai shine. Saying ‘Wait, tomorrow Jab asks’, she started preparing for the next day.

As soon as the Dadar office, which was monitoring the situation, came to know about this, a branch of a civic co-operative bank was inaugurated in Tai’s name. Tai was happy. He told an old friend over the phone what the activists were doing. From the other side, she said, ‘Oh, did they decide on any of these programs based on your opinion? No no It is your honor to consider your opinion, not mere hospitality. ‘ With this sentence, Tai came to his senses and dialed the party office number directly.


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